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At this time we are not able to offer refunds or make ups for missed classes.

COVID-19 Protocols and social distance guidelines must be adhered to. If a student does not, they will be asked to leave class immediately. No refund, make up or transfer of classes will be issued in these cases.


Rear parking lot is on Union Blvd

For Grooming appointments:
Please park in our front lot along Paterson Ave

There are additional spots at the end of the monument on Paterson Ave/Union Blvd

Potty area

Please potty your dogs on the street or at the edges of the back parking lot, along Union Blvd. Be respectful of the neighbors and avoid letting your dog onto the grass of our neighbor’s house. Pick up and bag the waste. Try not to let them pee on anything that must be touched by a human – trash cans, car tires, traffic cones, etc.


Wear a mask at all times when on premises or when taking your dog to potty
There is an orange bucket on the ring gates with Bleach spray, Green Potty cleaning spray
When you arrive for classes, please wash your hands
Wash your hands or use sanitizer before and after your run or helping to set bars or other equipment.

Minimize touching of things inside the building
Keep a 6’+ distance between you and any other person at all times

For classes:
There will be stations, socially distant from one another for class members. Choose a station. Contain your things to your station

What to bring to class

Dog - bring a hungry dog. If class is close to feeding time, don’t feed or give half their meal.
Collar (flat buckle, martingale, slip, limited slip)
Harness (not recommended for agility classes)
6’ leash (with nothing hanging from it – please remove poop bag dispenser, etc.)

4-5 different types of treats cut into small pieces that can be easily chewed and swallowed quickly
High value like meat and cheese
Soft, solid pieces treats are better than crunchy ones or those that crumble

If your dog likes toys as a reward, bring toys. Tug toys and toys that you can hold at the same time as the dog are best.

Bait bag – a pouch that goes around your waist so that treats are easy to access during training
Water and bowl/bottle. CSAC does not provide water /bowls for dogs at this time. Please bring what you need for yourself and the dog.

Agility weeves