Classes in agility, tricks, canine fitness, rally, nose work.

Basics classes for all stages of puppyhood, family manners, basic training and more. We want people to fall in love with their dogs all over again by deepening their relationship through training that is based on clear communication, scientific based modern training methods. We follow the LIMA model (Least invasive, minimally aversive).

Agility: Classes are organized in levels 1-6

Agility 1

Foundations & Groundwork

Agility 2

Foundation of obstacle introduction and handling techniques

Agility 3

Putting it together – the start of putting together multiple obstacles with handling

Agility 4

Longer sequencing, refinement of obstacle performance

Agility 5

Pre-Competition. Longer sequences with more complex skills and challenges

Agility 6

Masters Level. International and Premiere challenges will be explored

Pet Program/Basic Training

Pet Program/Basic Training

These classes are based on a school system.



For young puppies. These classes are designed carefully based on stages of development for young puppies under 6 months. Heavily focused on confidence building and proper socialization.



Based on the AKC Star Puppy Program. Socialization. Training. Activity. Responsible ownership. Puppies up to 1 year (at time of class completion). All 6 classes must be attended to earn S.T.A.R. Puppy award. This class is the foundation for learning for your puppy.

Grammar School


Attention, Loose leash walking, impulse control and the start of recalls (on/off switch, waiting for a turn) and are the foundations in this class. Learn to have fun while building foundation concepts such as marker systems and clear communication with your dog.

Middle School


In this class we increase the level of difficulty of the foundation behaviors. Concepts of generalization and stimulus control will be discussed in context of the curriculum.

High School


This is the preparation class for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This test certifies that dogs have training needed to be reliable, well-behaved members of their families and communities.



Super focus from your dog? We take attention to the next level. Learn to keep your dog with you despite high level distractions. Long stays in position, Recalls, off leash work.


Specialty Classes


Workshops, Seminars and Specialized classes.
We aim to hold a special event on average once a month.
We host National as well as international trainers for sport specific topics.