Other Services

Grooming- Our objective is for your beloved dog to enjoy the grooming experience. Our trainers here are available to help the groomer during the process if necessary. We are a by appointment only grooming salon. Prices are based on size, condition of the hair, and if a trainer will be helping the groomer.

Baths start at -

  • Small dog - $40 +
  • Medium Dog - $60 +
  • Large dog - $75+
  • X-large dog - $90 +

Full Groom start at-

  • Small dog - $65 +
  • Medium dog - $75+
  • Large dog - $95+
  • X-large dog - $110+

Full Groom includes trimming of the feet, sanitary area , ear cleaning, haircut and clip/Dremel of the nails.

Hours of Operation –


Daycare Training – Our day training is for dogs of all ages. It’s a great way for your dog to learn new skills and maintain skills such as sit- stay , loose- leash walking , greeting people, and much more. This program is also suited for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

Hours of operation are mon-fri 11am-4pm


  • Al la carte - $90
  • 4 day package - $270 ( must be used within a month)
  • 5 days a week - $250 ( recommended for separation anxiety cases)

Private Training

Need help with something particular to your dog or household?
Private training is a great option as your specific needs can be addressed in private lessons. Private lessons are also great for dogs that lack confidence or over-react to things in their environment.

Day Training

Let us help you get your dog on the right track. Potty training, loose leash walking, separation anxiety, confidence building, crate training are all examples where we can help with consistency and frequency to get your pup started. A great option to typical day care, which can be overwhelming for many dogs.

Our weekly programs are designed to partner with transfer lessons with the owners to share the skills the dog has learned with the owners.