Other Services

Grooming- Our objective is for your beloved dog to enjoy the grooming experience. Our trainers here are available to help the groomer during the process if necessary. We are a by appointment only grooming salon. Prices are based on size, condition of the hair, and if a trainer will be helping the groomer.

Baths start at -

  • Small dog - $40 +
  • Medium Dog - $60 +
  • Large dog - $75+
  • X-large dog - $90 +

Full Groom start at-

  • Small dog - $65 +
  • Medium dog - $75+
  • Large dog - $95+
  • X-large dog - $110+

Full Groom includes trimming of the feet, sanitary area , ear cleaning, haircut and clip/Dremel of the nails.

Private Training

Need help with something particular to your dog or household?
Private training is a great option as your specific needs can be addressed in private lessons. Private lessons are also great for dogs that lack confidence or over-react to things in their environment.